In order to develop new technical solutions or solve problems occurred in a real network, it is often necessary to simulate the operating conditions in the laboratory. Simulating the real conditions implies adequate network environment, traffic load, simulation of the service. Evaluation of the result is made using subjective perception or instrumental methods. For this purpose we created a test site, equipped with samples of products and software, as well as modern testing tools.

Test site

Tests of samples of new equipment and periodic tests of standard equipment are carried out in conditions simulating network environment TDM / IP with generated traffic and real content.

Reliability of products supplied to the communications network of the country is assured by rigorous testing at the factory. Trouble-free operation of the equipment is guaranteed by numerous tests conducted under the influence of destabilizing factors such as temperature, humidity, vibration and the stresses created by processed traffic.

Hardware and software system allows to conduct:

  • stress and load testing of the object in the presence of network infrastructure – testing in terms of quality of services;
  • evaluation of parameters critical for the equipment: time delay, frequencies and levels of signals, etc.);
  • testing scalability, performance, compatibility of network elements, as well as the quality of packet speech, IP services prior to their widespread deployment, and during expansion of the network and services.