OJSC Morion provides information and technical support to clients regarding manufactured and supplied equipment.

The support includes:

  • consultations by phone, e-mail, mail related to operation and start-up of equipment;
  • designing technical solutions, advice on optimization of equipment;
  • delivery of software updates and maintenance documentation;
  • start-up of equipment at customer sites;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Post-warranty service is provided on the basis of a service contract, which sets the parameters for the level of support:

  • telephone consultations mode;
  • terms of repair and / or replacement of line replaceable units;
  • engineer's visit and others.

For a thorough study of problems encountered by the consumer we have the possibility to simulate operating conditions at the test site of the service center. The test site is equipped with samples of the products, other network equipment, software and modern testing devices: traffic generators, protocol analyzers, such as Spirent TestCenter SPT-9000A, Spirent Abacus 50, LinkBit AT 1000 and others