KV-32U cabinet

KV-32U cabinet

KV-32U cabinet is designed for mounting in difficult areas of railways to ensure full and continuous diagnostics and monitoring of a wide range of telemetry data and transmission of this information to the train crew, as well as maintenance of high-quality two-way communication between the controller and the train driver.

The cabinet design has a sufficient degree of environmental resistance, including temperature, humidity, vandal actions; it is mounted outdoors.

The need to install KV-32 inside tunnels is explained by the fact that transmission of radio signals in such areas encounters insurmountable obstacles, and provision of quality uninterruptible two-way communication is particularly challenging.

Cabinet includes:

  • electrical distribution panel for switching inputs (primary / backup), accounting and distribution of electricity;
  • uninterruptible power supply (UPS) APC Smart-UPS 1500VA;
  • connection plug of a diesel generator (DG) to provide independent power supply (from the front side of the base);
  • heating unit on the door of the cabinet;
  • forced ventilation on the back door of the cabinet;
  • temperature control unit with alarm of heating unit and forced ventilation switching on;
  • control and monitoring unit for the state of sensors of the door opening;
  • shelf for placing a tunnel amplifier;
  • socket unit;
  • two lamps to illuminate the interior of the cabinet.