KV-28 cabinet

KV-28 cabinet

KV-28 telecommunication environment resistant and anti-vandal cabinet  is designed for organizing technological communication complexes of different purpose in unequipped premises or outdoors without permanent staff.

KV-28 cabinet is low-voltage package equipment consisting of stationary components not designed for extension or removal without switching off supply voltage.

The cabinet provides lead-in for power and communication cables, protection from unauthorized access, customizable temperature regime, communication with the technical operation center regarding the state of the facility and electric supply to technological equipment with availability of electric power up to the level of electrical receivers of the 1st category.


  • modular construction, two-door two-piece steel cabinet with heat insulating walls;
  • connection of functional devices with a bundle using connectors;
  • moving to the installation place mechanically or manually piece by piece;
  • maintenance of the equipment inside the cabinet is provided through access from the front side;
  • cable inlet is on the right and left sides of the roof.