PK-01 unit is designed to measure electrical parameters of tone frequency channels. The unit also provides organization of service communication through 2/4 wire channels and physical lines.

PK-01 provides the following modes:

  • generation of a sinusoidal signal of a fixed frequency spectrum;
  • measuring the level and frequency of a signal in 2/4 wire channels;
  • service communication through 2/4 wire channels and physical lines with selective calling.


  • symmetrical 600-ohm and high-resistance measuring input;
  • broadband and Psophometric measurement of the signal level;
  • monophone with selective calling in DTMF code;
  • parallel monitoring of busy channels;
  • ability to connect an external speaker;
  • together with OKS-01-19T forms a complex of 4/2 wire switches (SCHDP);
  • self-test and calibration;
  • multi-purpose terminal terminals for measurements (jack plus clamp);
  • display of modes and measurement results in alphanumeric form on an illuminated liquid crystal display;
  • setting operational modes with a membrane keyboard;
  • built-in speaker and external microphone;
  • measurement in point-to-point and loop-back modes;
  • complies with the order of the Ministry of Communications No. 43 of 15.04.1996