Tester of digital lines Morion-E1 is designed to measure electrical parameters of primary digital channels and paths during their operation and commissioning

Morion-E1 provides the following modes:

  • test signal generation at the output and control at the input;
  • measurements without interruption by high-resistance input.


  • generation of structured and unstructured streams 2048 kbit/s;
  • automatic and manual error input;
  • tone channels testing;
  • channels listening;
  • built-in service communication;
  • visual and audible indication of the measurement process;
  • reporting according to ITU-T G.821, G.826;
  • providing graphical results;
  • connection RS-232 to a PC to create report listings;
  • internal non-volatile 64 kbit/s memory for storage of results;
  • configuration storage;
  • duration of the measurement session up to 99 hours.