Equipment OGM-30E can interact with the control systems based on the extensible protocol SNMP, versions 1 or 2C. The advantage of using SNMP is the ability to use industrial management platforms and manage multivendor equipment.

SNMP support by equipment OGM-30E is proven on SNMPc manager by Agneko company. Special MIBs were written for the equipment, which are supplied as part of KPO-120. Performed integration allows the display of diagnostic messages in Russian in case of appearance / disappearance of accidents in the equipment.

This SNMP-manager allows viewing a list of current and eliminated accidents and filtering recorded events by various criteria.

If necessary, OGM-30E Configurator can be run directly from SNMPc to display more information about the state of the unit or control.

This SNMP-manager allows graphic display of the structure of the equipment network.
The map can show both terminals and subnetworks. It enables logical grouping of equipment in accordance with the needs of the user.

SNMP manager SNMPc by AGNEKO company