KPO-120 version 5

KPO-120 version 5 is designed for control and monitoring of flexible multiplexing equipment OGM-30E during its operation. Graphic interface of KPO-120 allows the operator to monitor faults, set the hardware configuration and make quick changes to its operation modes.


  • user-friendly dialog box for generation of the switching table;
  • quick access to all boards settings;
  • visual display of the status of each module;
  • support for multiple projects (configurations) stored in the equipment;
  • storage of multiple switching options in a single project;
  • quick switching between finished projects;
  • ease of use and variety of features that facilitate the work of the operator;
  • customizable system for partition of access levels;
  • group settings for the same type parameters;
  • convenient software update in the unit;
  • keeping and viewing logs of users’ actions and accidents;
  • possibility to undo changes step by step;
  • copying/ transfer for the same type modules;
  • ability to work independently (without equipment) and then load the project into equipment (when connected).