KPO-01 is designed to control and monitor communication networks built with equipment manufactured by OJSC Morion. KPO-01 allows simultaneous display of the status of a group of network nodes and connections between them.

KPO-01 interacts with managed objects on the principle of cyclic polling or by events. When working by events, KPO-01, with an adjustable period, polls the equipment, checking its availability. The rest of the time, it just awaits messages from the equipment on changes in its status and displays these changes.

For a particular type of equipment, KPO-01 can run software designed to work with it.
Access to KPO-01 is password protected. Users can enter the system with different permissions.

KPO-01 keeps a log of current and eliminated failures, allows searching through it and filtering the displayed records.
KPO-01 also allows building scalable systems on the principle of the hierarchical tree. In this tree, a superior system receives data from an inferior system. This scheme allows effectively monitoring the status of large networks.

Network map and status of equipment