The integrated control and monitoring systems (ISUM) is a set of hardware and software tools for communication network management, built using equipment manufactured by OJSC Morion.

ISUM solves its tasks by combining equipment control systems of various functional purposes and technical level (equipment of different generations) under a single control program shell with a single graphic interface.


  • organization of a unified control system for primary multiplexers of the previous generation of IKM-30 type with flexible multiplexers OGM-30 and OGM-30E;
  • combining primary multiplexers with transport network equipment of PDH / SDH level (TLS-32, SMM-155, etc.)
  • conversion of information about the equipment condition in the monitoring system based on SNMP protocols;
  • basic network connectivity on the basis of the equipment produced by OJSC Morion of third party equipment.

Principles of ISUM architecture:

ISUM has a two-level architecture

The level of network elements control includes a control and monitoring system (CMS) for different types of equipment:

  • supports equipment using standard software
  • supports local and remote configuration functions, diagnostics and snap-acting control

The level of network control is made using the main network manager:

  • provides display of the network map, logging accidents, network statistics

For joint operation of equipment of previous and current generations we designed a converter of  USO and Qx KC-06M interfaces.

ISUM allows to combine by Qx interface in the slave-master mode up to 256 controlled units at a single station