OGM -300

OGM -300

Development of hardware is at the final stage.
Production will be launched at the end of 2009.
Parts of the equipment are subject to change.

A new family of multi-function multiplexers OGM -300 (instead of OGM-30E) is designed to build on its basis a number of standard access devices optimized for use in convergent environment TDM / IP: MSAN, IAD, VoIP-gateways, protocol converters, cross-connectors E1.

  • multiplexer / demultiplexer of telecommunications signals;
  • signaling protocols converter;
  • IP-telephony gateway;
  • multiservice access point.


  • high port density on chassis and board;
  • high-speed internal TDM buses and Ethernet;
  • duplicated power board and control board (redundancy 1+1);
  • application of new technical solutions and components;
  • low unit cost (per port);
  • protocol interoperability with older OGM equipment.