Digital transmission system MC-DSL.bis / MM-DSL.bis

Digital transmission system MC-DSL.bis / MM-DSL.bis

Digital transmission system MC-DSL.bis / MM-DSL.bis is designed for streaming E1, IKM-15, Ethernet data and analog telephone interfaces through one or two pairs of telephone cable of KSPP, MKS, ZKP, TZ and TP types using G.SHDSL.bis technology.

Application field:

  • organization of interconnections between automatic telephone systems in urban and rural telephone communications networks;
  • replacement of outdated transmission systems such as IKM -15/30, IKM -120, KNK-12, K60, V2-2, etc.;
  • organization of data transmission channels between segments of corporate LAN;
  • system of user multiplexing, remote user access.


  • data transfer according to the standard G.991.2 G.SHDSL.bis – code TC PAM16/32/64/128;
  • maximum transmission speed for two pairs –  22.6 Mbit/s;
  • variable speed of transmission for a pair (192 ... 11264) kbit/s with an incremental step of 64 kbit/s;
  • data transmission through optical singlemode fibers at a rate of 155 Mbit/s (with installation of an optical module);
  • user interfaces:

    • digital - E1, Ethernet, RS-232, E15 (IKM-15);
    • direct-line subscribers of FXO, FXS types;
    • 4- and 6-wire interfaces of interconnections of E&M types;
    • telephone apparatus of TA-57, TA-88 types with inductor call and a local battery supply (LB);
    • asynchronous interface of data transmission RS-232;
  • maximum number of analog interfaces – 30;
  • simultaneous transmission of 2 or 4 E1 streams and Ethernet data;
  • Ethernet data transmission through E1stream;
  • allocation / insertion of channels through a built-in cross-connect at intermediate stations;
  • arbitrary channel switching between digital and analog interfaces;
  • two options of remote power supply for regenerators: with one pair ( “wire-wire” scheme) or two pairs ( “pair-pair” scheme);
  • remote power supply for regenerators:

    • up to 8 regenerators in a single section dispatching station;
    • up to 16 regenerators in a double section dispatching station;
    • communication range:
    • up to 260 km with the transmission rate 2 * 32 * 64 kbit/s;
    • up to 170 km with the transmission rate 2 * 88 * 64 kbit/s;
  • remote power supply for remote equipment – subscriber access-point or radio relay;
  • local or network management and monitoring via integrated channel of path servicing;
  • SNMP support;
  • two channels of alarm signaling for modems and regenerators;
  • service communication with regenerators through working pairs independent of remote power supply; protection of linear chains from lightning and voltage in power lines when using lightning protection module MC-MZ.