On January 1, 2012 the Company celebrated 55 years. This is a considerable age for any company that was founded in the Soviet times, went through Perestroyka and then was able to reorganize its structure in order to function successfully in a modern market economy. Morion cooperates with leading universities of the Kama region and other Russian institutions for the purpose of joint research and development, knowledge sharing and training highly qualified engineers.

Master's programs in universities

Management of OJSC Morion is interested in close cooperation with specialized departments of Perm universities, such as Perm National Research Polytechnic University (Department of Electrical Engineering, Chair of Automation and Teleautomatics) and Perm State National Research University (Physics Department, Chair of Electronics and Information Protection, Chair of Computer Systems and Telecommunications). In early 2011 the Company developed a Master's program. Value of the program consists in combining practical experience of the Company with traditional training in universities. The program introduced new courses and proposed to change the already established disciplines so that young professionals, besides developers skills, could get knowledge of modern telecommunications technology, rules of networking, regulatory framework of the industry. In short, they could learn everything that would help not just to solve engineering tasks, but also to create products demanded by the market, meeting the requirements of modern communications networks and customers.

Employment of Students

Combination of study and occupational work is the first step to full professional competence. This way the knowledge is assimilated much faster. In addition, employed students are better informed about the state of the industry, constantly improve their skills and have a clear idea of their career prospects. And, of course, another obvious advantage is money consideration. OJSC Morion offers comfortable conditions of employment to interested students who wish to commit themselves to development and manufacture of telecommunications equipment. You can choose from a variety of options, including installation of printed circuit boards and testing finished products at the testing field. Everything depends on the level of training and personal preference. Training to work with special equipment and mentorship are provided by the Company. Requirements for students are as follows: good academic performance, responsibility, self-discipline and motivation. Students participate in the social life of the staff and in the activities of the corporate Youth Council: sports, humor, mind sports.

Open days

OJSC Morion has a tradition of open days, i.e. special events hold to familiarize students with the history of the Company, the course of its development and working conditions. As part of the event managers and specialists of OJSC Morion give tours and presentations for students who plan to build a career in the telecommunications industry. Group of students visit our production site, testing laboratory (for mechanical and environmental tests of equipment) and service center (functional testing of equipment). The visitors learn about modern trends and development of telecommunications systems.