Staff is the most important resource of the Company, a factor of competitive advantage, achieving strategic goals and success. Personnel policy of OJSC Morion is based on the Company’s mission:

The Company aims to become the leader among the largest Russian manufacturers of telecommunications equipment acting in the best interest of the state and consumers, shareholders and employees.

Personnel policy of the Company supports creation of an efficient organization, new scenarios of business development, providing opportunities to unlock the potential of its staff.

The main purpose of our personnel policy is promoting strategic goals of the Company. Getting the most from investment in human resources, through the construction of a management system that motivates each employee to achieve set goals, objectively assesses progress in achieving those goals, fairly rewards and encourages them.

The Company strives to ensure that professionalism, achieving consistently high results and commitment to corporate values are necessary conditions and guarantee of career growth.

Personnel policy of the Company maintains the environment necessary for successful work, acquisition of knowledge and skills, ensuring a positive image of the Company and high reputation of its products and services.

Strategic objectives in the field of personnel management are:

  • improving performance at all levels, ensuring the effective use of human resources of the Company;
  • hiring the best professionals, providing the Company with the staff, the quality and size of which correspond to our business objectives;
  • development of human resources of the Company based on the annual staff evaluation;
  • creation of an effective remuneration system;
  • development of a corporate culture of the Company;
  • creation of an integrated system of personnel management processes and its further improvement.

Here are our competitive advantages regarding personnel aspects:

  • strong management team;
  • optimal, stable and professional staff;
  • balanced and optimal organizational structure;
  • streamlined business processes and internal communications between business units;
  • balanced and competitive system of remuneration and motivation;
  • a system of corporate business education (development) of staff;
  • corporativity, corporate loyalty;
  • employee satisfaction.